[ okay, so you’ve probably all noticed by now that my activity here’s
  gone a little dodgy.  admittedly, my muse for vilkas has been as
  erratic in intensity as he himself is, & he’s gone through such c-
  onsistent and non-stop character development that i think i mig-
  ht have worn him out a bit.  i honestly don’t regret it, because i
  needed to write him & his crashing & burning & healing, & in a
  way, now that he’s grown into a steadier person, so have i?

  so yeah, he’s a very dear and personal muse, but i’m putting him
  on semi-hiatus until he figures out his direction again.  in the me-
  antime, you’ll find me on aragorn, who is a far steadier, & also e-
  xtremely beloved, muse.  i also have odile, if anyone is interested! ]

outofhowls;  psa;  [ i love you all so much!!!!!!;  it's only a semi-hiatus; so i'll be around on vilkas.;  just possibly not every day/as intensely as you may be used to. ♥ ];  



        She looks at him incredulously for a moment. 

                       ” No, we’re not going to school

         What would they even do at a school?
         Likely get into trouble, that’s not fun.
         Okay it might be fun.
         But still, not the plan.

                                 You’re the worst at guessing games,
                                         ———I hope you know that. 

            She might be the worst at offering clues, too,
            —but she’s not taking the blame for this one.


                         ”It’s why I don’t play them very often.

                                A not-so subtle hint.  Brow furrows as he bends his mind to
                                more thought.

                                          “Are we getting arrested on purpose?  Doing a weird
                                          dance?  Help me out here.”

                        Yeah, he’s really bad.  And starting to exaggerate his badn-

t;  v: don't make up for your sins in church;  xvdova;  [ LOL it was a good clue for sure.;  vilkas is just a dweeb; tbh.;  but ugh i love these two---- ];  



      ”Mental prowess is useless when those  you  insult
       carry swords.” Regina insisted, not caring  what  he
       might be trying to inspire her to with his words. She
       was naive in ways, but she was  not  foolish.  There
       were dangers here. Ones  she could  not  avoid  on
       the merit of her fragility.

                                   A small smile threatened to betray her
                                   facade when he took the bait she had
                                   laid, and she fought it back with  teeth
                                   sunk into her  bottom  lip.  She  hadn’t
                                   known if he would agree, but she was
                                   entirely glad he  had.  Surely  it  would
                                   not be so difficult  to  wield  a  weapon.
                                   There had to be something that might
                                    fit her hand.

             ”I think it quite necessary ——-
                                                                                     ——- don’t you?”

         He bends too easily to her, no doubt      but in Skyrim, the women marry
         their steel as readily as their lovers.  It is no strange thing that she wish
         to learn; moreso strange is it that she has not learnt.
                                                            ( why preserve her innocence, then?  she is
                                                              not your flower to 
water, wolf. )

         ”Necessary is a hard word      but aye, it would be best for you to learn.”
         Remnant smile is poised on his lips, but his silver eyes are now 
t h o u g h t f u l .
                                                                              Be there a blade in Jorrvaskr she
                                                                              may wield?  Best to start with a l-
                                                                              ight one, suited to a single hand.
                                                                              Should she have knack for it, ma-
                                                                              yhaps he will introduce her to an
                                                                              a x e .

         ”I will find something for you to practise with.
                                                                       When would you care to begin?

t;  v: canon;  herroyaldarkness;  [ he thinks she needs a better hero.;  but aww bae. ♥ ];  
I shall die, but that is all I shall do for Death.

Edna St. Vincent Millay, from Conscientious Objector

being selective is totally okay, reasonable and healthy for you (✿◠‿◠)

being selective is totally okay, reasonable and healthy for you (◕‿◕✿)

being selective is totally okay, reasonable and healthy for you  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

and all i know of silence is that
when people go, they leave these great cold
and all i know of space is that 
humans can’t survive in it.



             i never saw a wild thing sorry for itself

                                             ind. modern adult arya stark
                                             au  /  oc  / crossover friendly
                                             multiverse    &     singleship 
                                             written  by  an  actual  deer

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          a small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
   without ever having felt sorry for itself
p;  nxymria;  
Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood.

Donnie Darko (via blackistheonlycolor)
m;  [ actual vilkas ];  


      What can I honestly say? I didn’t imagine coming this far with Zero, and I am still amazed people like her — what with her attitude and such. But she’s my bae, and I am so happy people love her as much as me. 

     I decided I’m not doing a huge give-away until I reach a HUGE number ( like material items, maybe like the dod3 art book or the game, or a game in general ), so for now my give away will be focused around gifcons ( gif icons ), and if your character isn’t in any sort of animation or movie or w/e, I’ll make you icons instead. There will only be 2 winners. 

Now for my biased list ( note this will be short, as I will have give away information under ); 

centual - fuerzavital - guardiannephilim - desidiae - haematicus - royal-guard-nero - insanityanxiety - insegnitia - koszonet - kovotojas - kxrat - humanityshope - komandyr - keepyourhairshort - filialdecree - saika-renegade - personifiedsin - hedonistique - queenlly - malifiicus - brideofsparda - renegxn - thewrathofheaven - albhedgreen - albusxdraco - xaedificare - xfjustice - ladyredcecchino - saberedge - edhelernil - winkchain - auctxritas - wiithoutequal - sanguinepurity - kodomotsuki

    If you’re not here don’t take offense; I’m drunk and making this. LOL. You all are awesome, these are just people I happen to really enjoy or catch my eye. 

Also everyone at guardianforces is awesome, thanks for accepting me!

Now, onto the give-away:

The two winners will receive 10 gif-cons each. I would do 20, but I think I would kill myself because, what the fuck, photoshop is an asshole. 


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Thanks for bein’ there for this mean ol’ bitch, guys. :3 
You make playing Zero the best thing I ever done.

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