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[ text: vilkas ]         You’re offended that I think you’re less of an asshole than you actually are?
[ text: vilkas ]         Alright I respect that.
[ text: vilkas ]         But I doubt you could be more offensive than me. It’s like my job.

[ ;; sera ]        Being an asshole is 1 of my only accolades
[ ;; sera ]        I’m very protective of it
[ ;; sera ]        We must be employed @ different asshole companies

t;  v: the saints can't help me now;  materxnatura;  [ is an asshole contest present in the near future----;  some couples try to out-do each other w/ romance.;  vilkas & sera try to out-do each other w/ a SSHOLE INTENT.;  lord help me ];  




sorry. i didn’t — i didn’t mean to —
i was just sleeping here.”

             A beat of confused silence      no hostility.

                                         ”Uh, no.  It’s fine.  Sorry if I woke you.”

t;  v: the saints can't help me now;  ofbrowneyesanddarkhair;  [ bae. :'C;  also thanks for the starter; darlin. ♥ ];  


                                  indie adaptation of vilkas from the elder scrolls series
                                  that spans across numerous verses in numerous tim-
                                  e settings.  mun has 8+ years of roleplaying experienc-
                                  e.  blog will contain triggering content, all tagged.

                                                                      h o m e

                                                                                  (photo by nicola samorì)

p;  self p;  

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               ”Do you think the Life Alert commercials
                would be useful for the barricade?”

            “      I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

t;  v: the saints can't help me now;  battrepourledroit;  [ do not even re m ind me of that.;  weeps. ];  
[ actual vilkas ];  
Black Widow and Winter Soldier Comic Book Starters
"You always did impress me."
"Leaving has never really been a problem for me."
"She's better off without me."
"And you can't change my nature."
"Dude, stop whining. Seriously. You'll live."
"He's had worse."
"You're the only person I can trust right now."
"Kill anyone who might get close to him. That's spy paranoia."
"How about you explain to me what you're doing here. While we wait."
"Buddy, why are you protecting this guy?"
"What part of quiet is unclear?"
"I'm a cold-hearted person. So I'll make it quick."
"The kid he remembers never even existed."
"Still with me Robards?"
"This is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?"
"Well soldier, are you just going to stand there and brood?"
"This doesn't mean I still owe you from that last poker game?"
"I like the rain."

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