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The action brought silence upon her silver tongue, its gleam
tarnished by surprise. She knew Vilkas to suffer from a temper,
and she knew him a worthy opponent in battle, but she had 
never feared him. Had they been on opposite sides this would
of a different case. Dark eyes gleaming with interest, flecks of
gold could be made out in the lamp light. They were a sharp
contrast to the steely silver of her shield-brother’s.


          ❝ Why must you assume I wish you only ill will?
          Who turned you into such an distrustful soul, lad? ❞

                   The silence was a weapon of itself.  ’Twas not something he
                   associated with his shield-sister, for her lips hid finer silver t-
                   han would craft many a ring in Skyrim.  Eyes were locked to h-
                   ers, waiting for counter-reaction.  Almost praying for it, that sh-
                   e might prove him right in his suspicions.

                                                               She did not.

                   Instead, her words cut like molten dagger.  A minute widening
                   of his eyes would be swiftly followed by release of her hand.
                                                          ( of course.  she didn’t know. )

                                        “That is none of your concern.”  A pause.
Forgive me.  I did not mean to      be vi-

t;  v: canon;  weareruins;  
They call you heartless; but you have a heart and I love you for being ashamed to show it.

Friedrich Nietzsche (via stxxz)
m;  otp: equal advantage and disadvantage;  [ c': ];  



               ❝ Kodlak believes if we are to fight together we
                                         must learnt to get along. ❞

It is true they fought well by each other’s sides, for all the
antagonism that existed outside of enemy-driven battle.
They moved in sync, a process they both wished to deny
on a count of stubborn hearts and heads. At least Puck 
was attempting to build a bridge between them. That was

               ❝ What if I placed my mage’s hand here? ❞

She pointedly pressing a finger into the muscle of his calf.

                 She brought up the old man, and simultaneously brought a hard
                 grit to his teeth.  He loathed to disappoint Kodlak      admired him
                 as man and teacher.  Her referral would dial back his hostility, le-
                 aving him barely tolerant, but not actively aggressive.  At least, no-
                 t so much whilst her hand lay away from his vicinity.

                                       Palm lashed out, grasping her finger tight to its heart.
                                       He would not seek to cause pain.  Only discomfort.

                      “Do not test me," he warned her.  "I’ve no patience for your tri-

t;  v: canon;  weareruins;  


the 100
1/3 females anya

"These are all acts of war.”

halfling;  tw: blood;  tw: violence;  [ sings hallelujah; god bless. ];  



               ❝ At last. Took a scenic route, did we? ❞

     Obviously exaggerating the extent of just how long
     she had to wait ( couple of minutes at best ), she closes
     the distance in a few quick steps, unceremoniously hooking
     her arm with Vilkas’. Said action is thus followed by leading/dragging
     the man to the selection stand itself, pointing a pale finger at a 
     ( delicious-looking ) mass of gelato of a truly eye-stinging blue colour. 

               ❝ You’ve any idea what the fuck does this taste like? ❞

              “Yeah, I love all these cars.  Really brings out the poet in me.”

              He allows himself to be vastly dominated by the presence of
              Sera.  Usually      okay, every time      she knows what she’s d-
              oing, while he just kind of tags along.  At this point, he’s like a
              walking wallet, but he doesn’t mind.  Could have worse comp-
              any.  Eyes squint, feigning pain from electric blue shade, but
              he’s an adventurer, after all.

                                         ”No clue.  Let’s poison ourselves.”

t;  v: the saints can't help me now;  cannotcontrolher;  [ studies show they are also complete dorks. ];  

No Church In The Wild by Kayne West & Jay-z ft. Frank Ocean

Human being to the mob
What’s a mob to a king?
What’s a king to a god?
What’s a god to a non-believer?
Who don’t believe in anything?

Oh God, why did she have to happen? Just when I was doing so good without her…

Paul Kemp (via bloodwhiskeyandpower)
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I’m going to kill you, have a beautiful laugh, then dance until I go mad.

Ladd Russo, Baccano (via evilesque)
m;  [ @ puck ];  [ their friendship is beautiful & serene; tbh. ];  
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